Owl's Nest


Sometimes, I write something during a casual chat that feels worth saving. Maybe it's silly, maybe it's serious, but I feel like keeping it. Those snippets go here. Enjoy the chaos!


The forest is dim, fog casting a hazy gloom over the brush. A trio of people tromp through the decaying undergrowth, flashlights shining bright through the shadows. A rustle of movement suddenly, a flickering shadow thrown across the path- one of them turns, shouts out to the others before they're sucked into the abyss between the trees. The remaining two cling to each other, hands shaking, eyes wide, and the beam of their flashlight shudders over the bushes until it comes to the direction their friend vanished into-
and there, between the flickering shadows, stands a single pillow.
*Wilheim scream sfx*

Written .

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