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Granite 15, 250

After our scouts returned reports of several promising sites, it is left to me to decide where we shall embark. Frankly, I think they're all terrible. Half the sites are on remote islands, ensuring we shall have no easy trade. I've yet to meet a dwarf that enjoys sailing, besides. All that open air, no rock for leagues around... Ugh. I'll keep my feet planted on the earth, thank you.

Of the scouts' offerings, one stands out: The Dim Swamps. It's a horribly long trip there, and naturally half of it is by sea (curse our scouts), but the stone is damn near perfect. No goblins to bother us, either. Compared to the other sites offered, it's paradise. Whichever scout thought that cozying up to a necromancer tower would be a good idea ought to be beaten.

The Dim Swamps it is, then. I'll have the dwarves start preparations.

You have arrived. After a journey from the Mountainhomes into the forbidding wilderness beyond, your harsh trek has finally ended. Your party of seven is to make an outpost for the glory of all of Mafol Urem. There are almost no supplies left, but with stout labor comes sustanence. Whether by bolt, plow, or hook, provide for your dwarves. You are expecting a supply caravan just before winter entombs you, but it is Spring now. Enough time to delve secure lodgings, ere the dingo men get hungry. A new chapter of dwarven history begins here. Ulingvucar, "Crazedurns". Strike the earth!
Crazedurns, ey? This should be interesting.

Spring 1

We've named the site Ulingvucar, or "Crazedurns". It's a horribly damp little place full of wild boars and ravens. I don't know what I expected given that it's in a swamp, but this is ridiculous. I can't swing a pickaxe without hitting damp stone, and we're only a layer or so deep. This may prove a major problem.

Thankfully, we've got a still and farm up and running, and we're getting some furniture in this damn place. I'm sick of sleeping on the floor. A table would be nice too. A dwarf can only rough it so long, you know? This is making me long for the Mountainhome.

The main entrance of the fort. A stockpile and downward staircase are at the end of a hall. A farm with half its tiles planted.

Summer 1

More progress on carving this place out. Digging further down seems to have bypassed all the wet sand, and we've got a proper dormitory now. Currently working on offices and essential infrastructure. First crop of plump helmets came in as well, so it's brewing time- thank goodness, I was worried we'd run out when winter hit, and we all know what happens when dwarves are sober.

There is one teeny, tiny problem... where the hell did the plump helmet seeds go? We should have plenty and I can't find them for the life of me! Neither can the farmers. It's deeply troubling and I do hope more turn up soon. I'd rather not run out of food.

After further questioning the farmers, it turns out they cooked all of those perfectly good plump helmets and destroyed the seeds. We're out. Curse them! Luckily, we have a few other edible plant seeds that will do the job for the moment. Hopefully a caravan drops by with seeds to make up for the deficit. I've firmly told the dwarves not to cook our crops for the moment so we can build up our seed stores.

...And upon questioning the farmers yet again, none of our seeds produce edible plants. Damn it! We'll have to rely on foraging and fishing until the caravans come. The wildlife seems harmless so far, so it shouldn't be too much trouble.

In far happier news, we've struck so many metals and gems that it's clear this site is worth the pain. Praise the miners! I've also just received word that some migrants have come to this miserable little swamp. I hope they like foraging.

Some migrants have arrived. A farm, temple, and meeting hall. The farm has only a few tiles tilled. A large wood stockpile across from a large stone stockpile. A carpenter's workshop is by the wood stockpile. A mason's, jewler's, and mechanic's workshops are by the stone stockpile. A set of eight rooms, six of which are dug out. A very simple dormitory with four beds.

Autumn 1

Fantastic news! Our brewers made good use of the few plump helmets they could find, and we now have a small crop growing once more. I feel far more comfortable with our food situation knowing that we still have a few seeds. Furthermore, the caravan has arrived, ensuring that we should have a good supply of food and drink to last the winter; unfortunately, we've been so preoccupied with survival that we have little to trade. We were able to purchase a bag of plump helmet seeds, though, which will help.

The plump helmet farm has several tiles tilled. A caravan from Mafol Urem has arrived.

I've ordered our carpenters to churn out barrels so we can get a supply of alcohol going; we've run dry at the moment for want of barrels. Oddly, it's our jewler who's taken that order. Udil is dutifully crafting masterwork barrels despite being sober for far too long. Our carpenter Athel finally got around to it after Udil picked up his slack, but I suppose Udil wanted to be useful.

I suppose that means it's time to start thinking about defenses and industries now that we're not about to die. There don't seem to be any goblins or kobolds in the area as of yet, but there's plenty of wildlife and I'd like to survive if any of them turn hostile. I'd also like to get individual bedrooms going- I'm a bit tired of sleeping in a dormitory.

And with that, the first snows come. The interesting projects of the fall:

The second-from-topmost level of the fort. A small dining hall, farm, and hallway are present.
A dining hall- not a very nice one, but it's there. The farm is also producing again.
A grid of bedrooms, none of them dug out yet.
The bedrooms, still being dug out.

Winter 1

Winter is upon you.

The surface water's frozen over. Shit.

This would be fine if we had alcohol, but we don't. That's being consumed as fast as we can make it. On the upside, we may be able to dig out a resovoir fed by the local brook while it's frozen, but it may be too late by the time it thaws. We don't have magma to melt anything, nor do we have caverns in reach.

But... we do have damp stone somewhere. If we dig out a few levels of floor next to that stone and breach it, that may give us water. It's a stupid idea and it'll get some dwarves killed if we're unlucky, but it might be the only option we've got. Worth a shot if nothing else works. While I plan that out and send another miner straight down in hopes of hitting caverns, I'll have some dwarves prepare the river resovoir.

Why do I feel like this is a terrible idea?

Digging a tunnel towards a river while the water is frozen; the end of the tunnel breaches the river bed.

Well, that was mined out without issue, but-

The meeting hall is filled with miasma. Inod Dolekoslan, manager cancels Drink: Anguished.

Oh boy. Here we go. At least the river's melted again. Our water tunnel appears to be working, so we might be able to save this.

Water flowing down the river tunnel.
All the dwarves are drinking.
Sweet relief!

I checked in on our manager after quenching my own thirst. It turns out she had a miscarriage, poor girl, and it's particularly painful for her after spending so long dreaming of making a family. I'll see if I can get her a nicer bedroom for what little consolation that offers. Our miners also hit the caverns, so we can search for water there as well to avoid future mishaps.

Spring has arrived.
Thank the gods.

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