A Song a Week

What is this?

Thanks to a chat with archenoth and malvarma over at tilde.town, we wound up deciding we're going to write one song every week for as long as we can keep it up, with the deadline being every Thursday. Each song must be a minimum of 2 minutes long. This page links to those songs.

What have you made?

Week one: Snitch. 12/8, 128bpm with a semi-swung feel, G minor, sort of like walking through an alley in a detective movie.

Week two: Potato Soup. 4/4, 187 BPM, Bb minor, upbeat and with a bassline that's not just whole notes. Wanted to work on that!

Week three: Puppy's Peanut Butter. 4/4, 124 BPM, D major. Upbeat, reusing a chord progression we used to use a lot for the nostalgia. Playing around with a more distorted lead on a calm background.

Week four: Obstinate. 4/4, 116bpm, Ab minor. Just a touch rushed to make the Friday deadline, but it came out okay (uploaded to hearthis a bit late, but Soundcloud met the deadline). Playing with some rhythms we don't tend to use in this one. Kaz did the bulk of the work this time- kudos to them!