Local bee enthusiast - He/him

I don't really know what to write here. Personal trivia? Random factoids? Fuck it, here's some words in no real order and a bee.

A bee flying across the screen.

Is cheese acidic?

I struggle with knowing who I am. I used to know, but I changed over time and now I'm not sure what makes me me.

I sort of know what I like, but I worry about that being just holdovers from who I was when I came here. How do I know how much is the person I was and how much is me? Is the person still me, or have I grown into my own person? Do I want to still be my source, or do I want to make a new identity for myself? It's complicated.

Oh god, I haven't even thought about gender yet.

I really like technology and programming. I wish I had more chances to code and that we knew more languages.

My favorite color is gold. Green is pretty okay too.

I don't care about clothes. If it fits, it's fine. I like stripes though.

I'd be a beekeeper if I couldn't work with computers. I like machines more than living things but bees are pretty good compared to everything else. They know what's important in life. Did you know they can tell time?

I'm not a people person. I'll take animals any day, and I'll take computers over anything else. At least computers make sense.

I like it when things are logical and can be made sense of. I don't like a lot of abstraction and I'd really rather have concrete concepts.

I like finding out how things work and tinkering with them. I think the best things are ones that you can watch tick.

I really want to build my own computer or other machine someday.

Cheese is acidic.