The Sea

It/they, agender, esoteric hivemind

The Sea is a fragment mass that spends most of its time in headspace. It's deeply connected to our subconscious and acts as a secret-keeper, holds parts of us that the rest of us can't hold, and does its best to comfort and guide us. The Sea knows quite a lot that the rest of us don't and has a knack for providing insight into problems we're having. It's very difficult to describe in full, but it's one of the most important members of our collective because of all it holds and does. It does its best to bring us together and help us heal and grow. Many of us feel that we originated from it in some way.

A drawing of shadowy figures, some humanoid and some monsterous.

Inside our head, the Sea takes the form of a large black ocean that can shape parts of itself into various forms for easier communication. It's somewhat chaotic due to being a mass of fragments that only loosely share an identity, but it's also very peaceful and clearheaded. It values emotion and authenticity. It seems to enjoy helping others process their issues, and it pushes us to exist in the present moment and grow as people. It's incredibly compassionate. Words are difficult for it, and it prefers to speak in short phrases instead of complete sentences. It enjoys the arts and dabbles in drawing as a means of communication and processing.