Plural Resources


More than One
An excellent starter's guide to understanding plurality that covers all the basics.

About Multiplicity
A detailed explanation of what plurality is that describes several ways it can be experienced along a spectrum of dissociation. While this is primarily aimed at disordered plurality and a clinical framework, it does note the existence of other forms of plurality.

A Singlet's Guide to Plurality
A basic explanation of what plurality is for those that have never heard of it before.

PQR- Plural Questioning Resource
Our own resource for questioning and newly-discovered plurals, ported over onto our own website. The original can be found here.

The Daemon Page
An excellent beginner's guide to daemonism. If you're unfamiliar with the practice and want to know more, this is the place to start.

What is a Tulpa- In Detail
A detailed essay explaining tulpamancy, tulpas, and the process of creating a system member. An excellent read to learn about tulpamancy.

Soul Whispers
An older website explaining soulbonding. It's a good place to start learning about that considering that the soulbonding community has practically vanished into the plural community.

Healthy Multiplicity
A directory to helpful resources for plurals. Contains links for a variety of different situations.

The Wonderful World of the Midcontinuum
One of the earliest websites about median plurality- it actually predates the coining of the word median and uses its predecessor, midcontinuum. Contains quite a few links to anecdotal experiences of medianhood.

Portrait of a Hydra
An essay on one median system's experiences and self-concepts.

Median Talk
An explanation of median plurality with an example from the author. Fair warning that Astraea's Web itself is a horrible resource and is known for stealing the work of creators without their permission; this is practically the only page we can recommend from that site and that's only because we can't find it elsewhere.

Experiences of Medianhood
An explanation of median plurality and the authors' experience of it..

Becoming Median
A comic booklet about plurality, integration, disintegration, and median plurality. Has a text-only version.
Pavillion's Library
An older library containing many articles and essays on plurality.

Ex Uno Plures's Library
A sizeable number of articles, essays, and guides about plurality and navigating life as plural.

The Power of Naming
A short piece on the power names hold and why choosing your own language matters.

How Do I Know I'm Multiple?
An essay aimed at DID and OSDD systems that are struggling with doubt and denial. While it is aimed explicitly at DID and OSDD, some aspects of it could be helpful for nondisordered systems.

LB Lee's Essays
A large number of essays written by LB Lee on various topics including plural history, relationships, memory work, and more. We'd highly recommend their memory work essays in particular.

The Multiple Code Redux
A way for plurals to comunicate a large amount of information about themselves in a relatively small space.

Feathers Guide to Fronting and Switching
A great guide for learning how to switch. If the common metaphor of the body being a car isn't working for you, try this.

The Caveat Tulpamancer
An essay on the problems within the tulpamancy community and advice to prospective tulpamancers on how to mitigate those problems.

The Plurality Series
A set of four articles on plurality and tulpamancy in particular. A very useful read for tulpamancers or those interested in exploring their system structure.

Great Big List of Guides
An enormous complilation of tulpamancy guides, some of which may be useful even for non-tulpamancers.

Endogenic Hub
A website about systems not created by trauma. It has quite a lot of information and is a good start when it comes to learning about this topic.

Plural Selves Zine
A zine about plural selves within singlets from an Internal Family Systems perspective. It proposes that everyone has plural selves, but that they manifest more subtly for most people. Even if you disagree with the idea, it's an interesting read.
Plural Jump Start
A resource hub linking to several more resources for plurals.

Plural Etiquette Questionaire
A helpful set of questions for plurals to fill out to explain how they want others to interact with them. If you're not plural, these may be some good questions to ask your plural friends if you don't know the answers.

Plurality Playbook
A page dedicated to helping employers and managers understand what plurality is and how to interact with a plural employee.

Alterity: Learning Polyvalent Selves
A paper looking at plurality (specifically DID) from an adult learning perspective; while it does have its issues, it's an interesting piece.

The Self as a Center of Narrative Gravity
A speculative paper on the nature of the self, theorizing that the self is the center of the story we tell about ourselves. Towards the end, it touches on plurality and notes that there's no reason one couldn't unproblematically have multiple selves.
A terminal-based notes utility made by us and designed for plural folks. It supports multiple users on a single OS user, allowing you to keep notes as individuals without ever needing to log out. In addition to creating personal notes in your preferred text editor, there's also the ability to create shared notes that everyone can view, making it easy to communicate or share information. Runs for certain on Linux; may run on MacOS and Windows but currently untested on those platforms.

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