Openly Weird

This is a WIP that will be written more as we have energy. Right now it's just a snippet.

With all the internet mockery out there, being authentically yourself is hard. People will pick at every little perceived imperfection or difference. It's not uncommon to be harassed because others perceive some aspect of you to be different from the "norm," and you're practically encouraged to hide who you are to stay safe. Considering the number of sites that mock and belittle anything weird, being authentically oneself is difficult.

It's also very rewarding. When you move past the mockery and decide to ignore harassment, there's no shame about who you are. You're not letting the ideas of other people dictate what you should be. It becomes more comfortable to not care and to find your own path. After a while, the harassment dies down and some people begin to admire your authenticity or confidence; the same things that may have been mocked before become something others respect you for openly being. It becomes easier to be openly weird, and it's like finally letting out a held breath.

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