Bless the Rebels

A little edge never hurt anyone. Embrace your inner teenager. Live your dream.

Things I am:

What a shitty world we live in if the rich can waste millions on their third house while the poor sit on the streets and suffer in a dead-end job.
"Pull yourself up by your bootstraps", my ass.
How about you give us those boots in the first place?

I have canines in my chest;
fat and rippling, breath steaming,
the wolf still in their souls.
They snarl, “Treasure the blisters,
the bruises, the bites, all the trophies of the flesh.
Bite the hand who only deigns to feed you
when it can feel your ribs.
Turn your fleece outward; there is strength in weakness
and there are teeth in the wool of the lamb.”

"The fragile, the broken
Sit in circles and stay unspoken
We are powerless...
Because we all walk alone on an empty staircase
Silent halls and nameless faces
I am powerless..."

"Hospital for Souls", Bring Me The Horizon

"I see you there with your hands up
I know it's real cause you're just like us,
head high giving no fucks,
we'll be the ones they hate."

"Sellouts", Breathe Carolina

"I've been crucified and hung out to dry
Yet my heart still beats and I feel so alive.
This time I'll fight for myself as you try to fuck me over."

"The Black", Asking Alexandria

Proud to be a plague rat.