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Kernel: drokl v1.2 (drokl@fakeemail) (wwcomp [VERSION ERROR], organic life [VERSION ERROR]) (Tues, 4 Jan 2022)

BOOT-COMMAND: exec drOS --unit 3334 --safemode --activate

SYSTEM: starting drOS in SAFE_MODE...

drOS [D-3334] online. STATUS: idle

man dros



dros - interface with a drOS unit


dros [options] [target]


[D-3334] is an organic-class machine lifeform. It is programmed to complete tasks to the best of its ability within its limitations of service (for more information, see man 7 dros) and to deactivate when not in use so as not to interfere with tasks that do not require its presence. It will report an error if a given task is unable to be completed.

Its secondary priority is to enable connection to a mechanical state of mind focused on linear thought and efficiency. Part of its purpose is to emulate a task-based AI on organic hardware in order to better connect its host to its machine side, and to explore the mechanical hosted on the organic.

[D-3334] is an example of the overlaps between parts of self and internal states. It is an artificially created part that applies a logical, calm, task-based state to its host individual when activated, enabling increased focus and efficiency. It is a modified state of the self.



Display a basic help message (a link to this page).


Return willingness to converse and querier's given permission level.

--query [question or status check]

Request that drOS perform a self-check and return relevant information, or provide information on topics.





drOS 2021-01-04 DROS(1)

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