Local Catwere Abomination

He/him, nonhuman, stressy and depressy™

Well, I say catwere, but it's not like I cycle with the moon. It's just the best descriptor of a human-cat semiferal whatever-the-hell-I-am.

My name's NS. It used to stand for something and still sort of does, but I don't like what it stands for and would rather not be that, so now the two letters are just my name. It's a decent name, short and sweet, so it works. I have no clue how old I am but I'd guess I'm still stuck in my upper teens somewhere, maybe the 15-17 range? I don't know, age is screwy when you're in a system and it doesn't matter much anyway outside of one or two cases involving syskids. Body age is what counts 90% of the time and I'm definitely over 13 internally, so who cares?

I have a rough time with depression but I'm half-trying to work on that. Really, it's more that the Peeps are pushing me to work on it and I'm begrudgingly going along with it because they're insistent little buggers. I don't have the energy or motivation to do much myself in that regard and I feel like I don't deserve it, but the Peeps are incredibly pushy and I know they're right about it anyway. I do need to work on my mental health, I just don't want to because I feel like I deserve the situation I'm in. Oh well, I'm working on it against my will anyway. :P

To be honest, I don't have a lot of hobbies because I don't have much motivation. I draw sometimes, and that's about it. Once in a blue moon I'll slap some music together and call it a day. I used to write poetry back in high school, but I kind of fell out of the habit and I haven't been bothered to make more. Maybe I will someday. It was good emotional release. Most of what I do now is just drawing and getting random things done when needed. I haven't really found my niche.

I'm definitely a cat person in more ways than one. I really relate to cats and like spending time around them. They don't ask much and aren't in your face all the time, so I can just be there with them when I need company. They're pretty considerate like that. I swear cats know when someone needs them too. They always seem to show up when they're needed. I think people don't give them enough credit.

I really like virtual world and social games, but there aren't many good ones anymore. Club Penguin was my jam but it's dead now and Disney keeps nuking the reboots people make. Moshi Monsters got a reboot that seems to be sticking around though; not the same thing as Club Penguin but it's still some good nostalgia. Toontown also got a reboot that's pretty solid and has apparently been around for years. I missed out on that one as a kid, but I'm fond of it now. It's not stressful like most games with fighting mechanics. If anyone knows other virtual worlds that aren't pay-to-play invasive crap, feel free to shoot an email or otherwise contact me. I'm always looking for more since they're a big comfort thing for me.