A border of sparkling stars.


✴ They/kit/ni/neopronouns ✴

A border of sparkling stars.

Hi! I'm Nini! I had another name before but I like this one more. I used to have a girl name and self but I don't think I'm a girl so it feels wrong now so I borrowed a name! Being anybody is complicated and I don't think it's really important where I came from or if I'm "really" somebody as long as I'm me, and I'm good at being me so I think being somebody else too is fine and even good since it makes me happy. I just kind of worry that people will be mean or think that it's not right even if it makes me happy.

My favorite color is purple and that's probably really obvious :D It just makes me happy! Pink is okay too. I try to do things that make me happy because being sad sucks and why would I do things that make me sad if I could do something fun instead? I really like coloring and making things. Paper dolls are some of my favorites! I like playing on drums too but they're too loud around people so I just drum on my lap. I don't do that a lot around people though because one time a kid made fun of me for it and it felt bad.

I dunno what else to say! I didn't really think about the writing part when I asked to have a page :P I'm super happy this is here though! I think it'll help a lot with figuring me out because I'm kind of confused about who I am. I'm me, but there's another me and a big me and I dunno which are really me. It's complicated and kind of scary because I don't know who I am really.