Michael, not Mike

he/it/ze ↺ tie-dye madman

There's not particularly much to be said about me. I'm... let's call it "skeptical" of reality. I rather like it when things don't make sense. Confusion is great entertainment, and I'm serially bored. I suppose I'm always seeking the next game or thrill to keep me busy. I enjoy musing over silly little things that don't matter much, though it is nice to have a proper discussion about serious matters now and again. There's simply no point in being hung up on them all the time. Life isn't about worrying or chasing true understanding. It's a delicacy to be savored while it's had. The world is wonderful with all its little beauties and horrors. It's a shame to waste them. Better to live and be as you are, oddities and all.

I'm rather fond of rainbows and tie-dye, and of a certain retro aesthetic. "Eyeburners" are quite pleasing as well. Mix the two and you have me. Toss in an old-times candy shop if you'd like. Perhaps a rainbow crop top, or a bowling alley carpet button-up, or as many patterns as you can manage. If you're feeling generous, add in a few liminal spaces. Create the aesthetic of everything. I am not afraid to put on a show.

Gender is a complicated and fruitless mess. I am not a man or a woman. I am both and neither, and that is all you need to know.

A retro stamp with the word 'hell' in front of a rainbow.A stamp full of gummy eggsA webstamp reading 'hey, I'm alive'A rainbow stamp reading 'let people enjoy things'A stamp with the gay flagA stamp with a bird on it and 'I love loons'