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They/them, genderfluid, punk, plural, proud bitch

Man, I suck at introducing myself, but here we go. I'm Kaz. I use they/them pronouns and my gender does whatever it wants. On fem days I think of myself as a butch (and a bitch), on masc days I go with GNC as a label or something of the sort, and on neutral days I just call myself a bastard and leave it at that. Gender norms can go fuck themselves. I'm absolutely not straight- I go with pansexual or queer most of the time but honestly I don't care about the label. I know if I'm attracted to someone and that's all I give a shit about.

I'm one who gets things done when the others in the collective aren't able to stand up for themselves- frankly, I don't give a shit what people think, so I'm good at telling people off when we have to. Sometimes that means I'm rude, but someone's got to do it at that point. I try to be decently nice when I can but I think I come off as offputting sometimes because I don't hold back my honest thoughts. If I think something and I care about it, I'm saying it. It's important to me that I stand up for myself and others, and I refuse to let anyone be walked over or used without their consent.

I care a lot about human and animal rights and believe that no one deserves to be treated like shit just for existing. We're all stuck on the planet together and we should work together for a better world. I'm generally anti-capitalism and I'm skeptical of national governments at best- I think we'd be better off with local goverments on the level of cities and towns, or working together in a smaller community without an official government. I fully recognize that it's probably not practical in the real world and that some form of government is probably needed to keep people from causing chaos, but I can still dream of human nature being better than it is. Better to be an optimist making change than a pessimist who's too depressed by their worldview to do anything.

I'm interested in punk subcultures, especially solarpunk, cyberpunk, and anarcho-punk. I like to draw and needle felt, and I want to learn how to knit or crochet. I enjoy beading but don't get to do it often. My favorite music genres are hard rock, punk rock, metal, and occasionally soft rock and lo-fi; I like music that gets a lot of emotion out of me.

Patental advisory: I say fuck a lot. Teeth. Stop internet censorship bills. Error badgeEyes. Proud to be a plague rat.
Be gay, do crime.  Open 24 hours. God bless the freaks.