A line of blinking rainbow stars.

star world

Hi. I'm Hider Girl but Abigail or Abbi is ok too. I'm 8-15 years old and it kind of depends. I don't know why it changes. I'm maybe a girl but I never really thought about it. My pronouns are she/her but they/them is ok too I guess. I kind of like vi/vim/vir too. I don't care much really but I don't like it/its and I dunno about he/him yet, so don't use those because it's not comfy.

I like blankets and soft things a lot. I get scared easy so I like having something soft to feel better. I like being in closets because they make me feel safe because nothing can see me or get to me when the door is closed. I want a bed in the closet someday or maybe a hammock full of soft plushies and blankets. I want it to be like a nest so I can curl up and feel comfy. I want a little light on the ceiling too that comes in pretty colors, like a rainbow lamp or something. I like closets but I always have to crack them because I want light so having a light would be good.

I want friends but people scare me so I'm kind of shy if I don't know somebody is safe yet. I let the others find that out and then I watch for a while to make sure before I say hi. I want to be friends with other older kids and preteens but that's hard because I'm in a bigger body now so I kind of have to stay with system kids and I don't know how to find any I can talk to much because a lot of kids are inside a lot and I can't talk to them when I'm out because we're out at different times all the time. It makes me sad.

I like space but I don't remember a lot about it. I used to read space books all the time that were by these people that made periodic table books and earth books and things like that for kids where the things were cute characters, but I don't remember who made them and I forgot a lot of the things. I want to find the books and read them again because they made me happy. I read a lot but now we don't have many books for older kids and not adults so I don't have a lot to read. I can read the adult stuff okay if it isn't gross but I have kind of a hard time thinking and remembering long enough for adult books, and I don't like all the heavy sad stuff that goes in so many of them. They're just too much for me, which is sad because I think I would like them otherwise. My favorite book ever is Wayside Stories but we don't have it now. :(

Purple is my favorite color. I really like purple things and I think of myself as purple. Not literally but I'm purple just like other people are other colors like green and yellow. I like lighter purples and middle purples more than darker ones but dark purple is okay. Really bright purples make my eyes hurt and I don't like that, so I like the less neon purples more.

Tell me if you want to talk. I want to meet people but I'm too scared to ask myself and it helps a lot if someone else asks first.

A line of blinking rainbow stars.