The Fictional Blob

Over the years, we've grown attached to various medias and characters. Most remained passing thoughts or interests, but a few took root and made themselves at home in our minds as more than purely fictional entities.

The Fictional Blob is a conglomeration of all the characters our brain has attached to over the years. It's a metaphorical pool of fictional influences that our fictional visitors return to when not actively participating in our life. The blob itself may or may not be conscious (we genuinely don't know), but the characters that come from and return to it certainly are. They're their own people. They have their own preferences, behaviors, personalities, and all the other trappings of existence as a person- really, the only difference from the rest of us is their connection to the blob and their ability to return to it. Some show up and only stay for a little while, dissolving back into the blob when it's time for them to go. Others stick around for months, years, or even indefinitely. Regardless of how long they stay, our fictional visitors are able to control our body, interact with us, and otherwise behave as normal collective members.

We all have different takes on what's going on here. Some of us approach this psychologically and muse over the thin boundary between a brain emulating a person and being a person. Along the same psychological lines, some of us speculate that a few pre-existing people here take on fictional identities in order to cope with their own issues. Some of us see this as a spiritual phenomenon where these characters come from another world or universe and stay for various reasons: death, travelling, even random chance. Quite a few of us don't care what's happening and just want to know who's here and what they need from us. The visitors themselves have different perspectives on where they came from as well, and most seem to view their origins as a combination of psychological and spiritual. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter much where they come from and why; our visitors are here and affect our life, and that's what matters. They each play their own role in our internal and external life, and that's far more important than where they came from.

Not all fiction-sourced members will be listed here; not all of them are comfortable being known by the world, be it from fear of potential judgement or simply because they prefer to remain unknown. That said, here's a list of the long-term residents that have elected to have their names put on this page, and links to their own pages if they have them: