The Fade/Peeps/Goopy Mass/Etc.

Plural they/them or xey/xem, genderqueer, perpetually anxious messes

We're four to six parts in a trenchcoat that sort of share a collective identity and sort of don't- it's hard to explain without getting into some serious screwiness, but for now all that needs to be said is that we're happy presenting collectively for the most part and paring out individual parts now and again as needed to work through issues or interact better. If you're talking to us, you're probably talking to all of us together, though one or two of us may be more dominant than the others.

All of us share a collective identity as the Fade/Peeps/What-Have-You (still need to settle on a formal group name). We tend to work as a group, and as such we prefer we/us first-person pronouns. We're obsessed with tech, rhythm games, human anatomy, and assorted other interests; we tend to fixate on things that we're interested in.