Di - He/him or it/its - pardon my "French"

Local embodiment of disgust and cynicism here. Not a lot to say about me- I try to keep the others from doing anything too wild and keep life under control. I've got a knack for calling them out on their bullshit. Someone has to do it.

If you didn't guess, I'm a fan of soft forest aesthetics. The sort where there's some fog or steam and the colors are desaturated, late evening air, that sort of look. I find it comforting and pretty. I like the edges of the sea at dusk as well, that same sort of feel. Natural spaces, late in the day with not many people around and some haze in the air. I don't mind urban spaces at night either. As long as there aren't many people around, I'm happy. I'm not really a people person and you could charitably call me a misanthropist. I just don't trust humanity as a whole. I'd rather be with animals because they don't give a shit as long as you're not hurting them or threatening them. They're easy to get along with and I can trust them.

I like solving problems and doing things. I'm definitely more of a do-er than a thinker. I don't do well when I feel like I can't change things or fix problems that crop up. I like to keep busy working on things that matter. I don't like solving other people's problems though, just my own. Again, not a people person. I prefer keeping to myself. Don't try to foist your problems on me, alright?