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I've been in a few niche communities surrounding atypical experiences of identity and existence: alterhuman communities, plural communities, and so on. While I don't really engage in these communities much anymore and/or no longer have those experiences, I've written a handful of articles for these groups during my time in them. This page is an archive of those articles. Most of them assume that the reader is in these groups as well, but if you'd like to read them anyway, I've written some quick catch-up articles that should get you up to speed:

This page isn't linked on my main site for privacy reasons; that said, feel free to send a link around to anyone it might help! I've kept this up for that exact reason. If you're plural, alterhuman, or curious, then this page is for you. Heck, save your own copies of these articles if you want. Pass them around. Draw silly faces on them. Print them out and use them as a dartboard. If you make a parody or do something silly with one of these articles, please send it my way so I can have a laugh at myself.


Note: I'm no longer plural; see my article on fusion for an explanation of what changed.

  • My Plural Journey (non-GPL): An overview of my entire journey with plurality and how things have changed for me over time.
  • Fusion: My experiences with integration and fusion, and a plea to change how it's regarded in the plural community.
  • Fusion Myths and Misconceptions: I take a crack at common misunderstandings related to integration, fusion, and unification.
  • Ordinary Parts: Internal Family Systems therapy shenanigans, or how my experience of "parts" has changed after fusing.
  • The Narrowing of Median: An overview of how the definition of median has narrowed over time, and why it should become an umbrella label again.
  • On Labels: An essay about the pressure to use labels in the plural community.
  • Thoughts on "Everyone is Plural": The pros and cons of thinking of all people as plural.
  • On "People, Not Parts" and Parts Language: An essay on how parts language is demonized by the plural community regardless of the circumstances, and why the stigma against parts language is harmful.
  • PQR: Plural Questioning Resource: A resource for those questioning plurality, those newly discovering their plurality, and people that would like to become plural.
  • Median Talk: There are almost no resources aimed at median systems, let alone those that are closer to the singlet end of the spectrum. In the months before fusing, I wrote this to fill in that gap.
  • External Resources: A long list of other websites with helpful information about plurality.

Species Identity

  • Furry as Alterhumanity: Believe it or not, I'm a furry, and that's an important part of my alterhuman identity in its own right.
  • Polymorphism: Experiences of being a polymorph, and the journey towards figuring that out.

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