For Medians

There are precious few resources written specifically for median systems. Most guides and articles assume that you're distinct and separate enough to work with yourselves as isolated people and that you want to do so, which is the case for some, but systems that aren't that separated may not be able to use those resources easily without forcing themselves to fit a more multiple framework. Even those that can finangle resources into working may not be well served by them, as they make certain assumptions about system structure and internal experiences that may not apply.

This resource aims to make no assumptions about how separate you are. It doesn't assume you can pry out individual system members or name everyone (though you may be able to). It's not going to assume your system's members are consistent and unchanging in identity, or distinct enough to easily tell who's in front. It's not even going to assume you have a consistent system structure or always experience yourselves as plural. All it's going to assume is that you are more than one in some way, but that the framework of entirely separate people doesn't entirely fit you. You're somewhere between singlet and multiple, and this page is for you.

Let's get started.