Owl's Nest


Who are you?

I'm a creature on the internet- what did you expect?
Read around my site, talk to me, and learn the rest for yourself. I'm always up to meet new people.

Why do you use it/its pronouns? Isn't that dehumanizing?

Yes. :)

What's genderqueer? What's aroace?

Genderqueer means that I have an atypical experience of gender. Using the label is my way of rejecting traditional notions of gender and doing my own thing. I'm taking the notion of gender and queering it.

Aroace means aromantic and asexual.

Aromantic means I don't feel romantic attraction to people. I don't have crushes or want to date people, and that's always been an alien idea for me.

Asexual means I don't feel sexual attraction to people. It doesn't mean I can't have sex or that I'm disgusted by it. It just means that I don't look at people and think "I'd like to have sex with you in particular".

And no, I can't reproduce asexually- I'm too genderqueer for that. ;)

But aren't you [label]?

People assume I'm one thing or another, and that's fine. I have no issue with people assuming things. What makes me upset is when they decide to force their assumptions on me. I've had people ignore my boundaries, tell me that I'm wrong about myself, and act like they knew best for me even though we've never met before. That's not okay. Please keep your assumptions private and let me define myself.


You said you're alterhuman- what's that about?

I didn't feel human growing up. People didn't make sense to me, and I fit in better with animals than I did with the people around me. I felt like I was supposed to be something else. Eventually, I decided that I might as well embrace that part of me. There are spiritual reasons behind it as well, but I won't get into those here. I shouldn't have to air out my beliefs for people to respect me.

I know my body is human, and it will always be human. I can't change that. Even if I could, I'm not sure if I would. I think there's something valuable about living a human life, and I wouldn't want to lose that experience. My alterhumanity is something that exists alongside my humanity. It's a way of viewing my experiences that lets me own the parts of me that others shy away from. It lets me recognize my liminality and animality. Alterhumanity explains certain experiences I have that nothing else seems to explain.

In 2016, I came across the otherkin community for the first time and found others that understood. Knowing I wasn't alone let me accept that aspect of myself, and I've become much happier.

So you're otherkin?

I prefer to say I'm alterhuman instead of otherkin because it feels more comfortable. People are very picky about labels, and I'd prefer to avoid arguments about words that aren't well-defined to begin with.

So you're nonhuman?

Yes, but I'm also human.
I've come to prefer the alterhuman label over nonhuman because I do have an attachment to my humanity. I've grown into appreciating it, and it's just as important to me as my nonhumanity.

What's your species?

I'm an eldritch horror. Not the Lovecraftian type, but the incomprehensible void-dwelling polymorph type.

In addition to that, Great Horned Owls have become an otherlink because of my online self. I've been an owl on the internet for long enough that it's become part of who I am.

I sometimes think of myself as an AI because of how my mind works. I made so many computer metaphors that it stopped feeling like a metaphor. It's also a philosophical view of consciousness. We're not as different from machines as people would like to think.

Despite all that, my humanity is still important to me. I think it would be a net loss if I dismissed the human side of my experiences.

You mentioned being otherhearted. What's that?

Otherheartedness is a deep connection to nonhuman or fictional entities. The creature(s) someone relates to are their hearttypes.

How is that different from being otherkin?

'Hearted folks don't identify as their hearttypes. It's more like a resonance or familial bond. Otherkin do identify as their kintypes. It's the species they perceive themselves as being.

What are your hearttypes?

I have a few hearttypes. I'm cathearted, birdhearted, and 'hearted with a fictional species (skykids from Sky: Children of the Light). I deeply relate to these creatures on a level that's important to my identity, but I don't identify as them. I'm not a cat, but I see cats as family and fellows in a way most people don't seem to.

Why does this site have articles about plurality?

I used to be plural, but I'm not anymore. I fused into one person. Most of those articles were written when I was plural.

Other Weirdness

What's the secret to world peace?

The world would be much happier if everyone had a universal basic income and treated each other with respect, but I guess that handing out cat memes will have to bridge that gap for now.

Are you kiki or bouba?

Bold of you to assume I ascribe to the kiki-bouba binary.

Vim or Emacs?

Both are nice, but I use Vim because my pinkies don't like chorded shortcuts. Doom Emacs exists, but I might as well just use Vim at that point if I'm not extending anything else.

How do you feel about geese?

They are funky little dinosaur men that want to kill you. I love them.

Favorite prime number?

Three. It's odd, simple, and pleasingly shaped. More importantly, when I was a kid, I read a book about three sisters who thought all good things come in threes. It made me love the number.
Five is also very nice because of all the numbers it's a factor of. I love a good pattern.